Since its inauguration on October 8, 1998, the airport has generated enormous growth for the municipality and surrounding districts, and Jessheim’s population has grown considerably. In 1990, the municipality counted about 6,400 inhabitants. Today, the corresponding figure has jumped to 17,000 and Jessheim was incorporated as a city in 2012. Whereas, once, the municipality’s biggest employers were agriculture and defence, now the airport and transportation activities are ahead. The retail, office and service sectors have also grown condierably as a result of the region’s new functions.

As the home of Norway’s main airport, Ullensaker is in a propitious position. With more jobs than inhabitants, the municipality’s basis for commercial development is to facilitate diversity. The objective is to attract a wide array of businesses and jobs to make the local community less vulnerable to economic fluctuations in the airline industry. These could include companies working in culture, the environment, training or technology. The way the lots are arranged for commerce is fundamental to the municipality’s strategy for the future. The municipality welcomes the players and aims to attract knowledge-based companies as well as domiciles for large companies and international businesses.

The municipality is counting on these businesses playing a part in the future development of the region:
•    Travel – conferences
•    Transportation – logistics
•    Retail – cars
•    Farming and farm machinery