In Old Norse, ”garder” meant  ”fenced in land”. Today Gardermoen is lending its name to a whole region spanning from Oslo in the south to Ringsaker in the north, Hadeland in the west and the Swedish border in the east. The Gardermoen region is defined as a residential, commercial and professional zone, comprised of 32 municipalities, all located within an 85 kilometer radius of the main airport. The region currently counts 60,000 businesses and close to 1.5 million inhabitants and, over the next 20 years, growth is expected to create another 50,000 new jobs.

Scandinavia’s most rapid growth

Investments in the new main airport have boosted the economy of the central eastern region and made Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, one of the country’s biggest employers by far.

International competitiveness

Gardermoen is probably Norway’s principal traffic hub. It provides the entire country with good, fast and efficient access to European and intercontinental destinations via air, roads or rail. Gardermoen helps guarantee that  Norway’s eastern region, as well as the entire country, remains internationally competitive.